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4 Signs That Tell You Need to Replace Your Light Switch

Light switches are probably the only electrical component that lasts for years or even decades without maintenance and much attention. But like any other electrical component, they also need timely replacement in the event of failure. When you notice a faulty switch, it’s vital that you get help from an electrician in San Antonio, TX, and get it replaced immediately, or else you may run the risk of a short circuit. To help you know when to replace your light switch, here are four signs that indicate switch failure:

Finicky light fixture

Almost every home or a facility has one or two switches that don’t work correctly. Such switches will sometimes operate properly, and other times, they won’t. Occasionally, they may also flicker for a second before turning on a light. And even if you try installing a new light bulb, the flicker won’t go away. If you are noticing this, you may need to call an electrician in San Antonio, TX, as the chances are the light switch lacks proper connections.

The switch sparks

As you flip the light switch off, you may sometimes notice a spark within it. This is referred to as load arc, which occurs when the electrical connections within the switch get pulled away from each other. However, if you see a large spark accompanied by an audible snap or pop, it’s a clear sign that the switch has gone bad. If you wait any longer to call an electrical contractor in San Antonio, TX, to replace it, you may also start seeing smoke or scorch marks, which can be risky.

Noisy switch

Properly-working light switches don’t make any sound or noise when you turn them on and off. So, if there is audible clicking, buzzing, or popping when you flip the switch, it indicates that something within it is not right. Make sure you don’t overlook any noise coming from a light switch and call in professionals as soon as possible to get it fixed.

The switch is warm to the touch

It is acceptable for a dimmer switch to get a little warm after being on for a while, but if a standard toggle light switch gets warm after having been on for a while, it needs replacement. Light switches generally feel cool to the touch, and if they feel warm, it’s time to call an electrical contractor in San Antonio, TX, to replace them.

Final note

Light switches play a significant role in completing your light fixture and get used multiple times a day. This is why you should pay attention to them when they start to fail and don’t work correctly. Once you notice signs of a bad light switch, always call an experienced electrical contractor in San Antonio, TX, for its replacement.

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