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A Parent’s Guide To Electrically Baby-Proof Your House

Parenting is no different than a full-time job. You need to take the responsibility of a newborn, a new life into your hands, and carry out tasks deftly. When it comes to baby-proofing (or child-proofing) your house, it’s a whole another level of responsibility. It can be an overwhelming process. There are cords and outlets all around the house with power cables...Read More

Workplace Lighting Has A Significant Impact On Productivity of Employees

You will be surprised to know that an average American spends around 2,000 hours in a year in his or her workplace. If an average American is spending so many hours in one place, it becomes necessary for every work environment to be made in such a way that it promotes productivity. One area of workplace that should never be taken lightly is lighting...Read More

If You Notice These Electric Problems In Your House, Then It’s Probably Time To Rewire It

In today’s times, virtually every home is filled with all types of appliances. These appliances make our lives easier such as microwave, washing machine, refrigerator, etc. But these appliances do not run on their own. They need electricity and if there is something wrong with your house’s electricity, forget running these appliances even the lightning in your house would experience issues...Read More

How to Prevent Electrical Fires in Your Home

The home is a safe haven for most — it’s where they make memories with family and friends, find comfort amidst a chaotic lifestyle, and sleep peacefully after a hectic day at work. But much as it is safe, it is dangerous, putting your and your family life at risk. For instance, a natural gas or carbon monoxide leakage in the home not only increases the risk of fire but can potentially be fatal through suffocation...Read More

How to Avoid Electrocution in Swimming Pools

With good fences and watchful eyes, we can prevent drowning in pools to a great extent. But how do you protect against a different life-threatening pool injury — electrocution? There is no lifeguard for that! In Florida itself, there have been numerous reported cases in the recent years of people getting injured and even killed in their own pools due to electrocution...Read More

4 Signs That Tell You Need To Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel

Your home’s electricity relies on the installed electric panel to a great extent — it accepts power from the main source and distributes it to different parts of the home. Any fault in your home’s electrical panel can disrupt complete eclectic supply in your home. This is why keeping it the best of conditions and regularly upgrading it is vital. However, when to call professionals for a home electrical panel upgrade in San Antonio can be challenging... Read More

4 Signs That Tell You Need to Replace Your Light Switch

Light switches are probably the only electrical component that lasts for years or even decades without maintenance and much attention. But like any other electrical component, they also need timely replacement in the event of failure. When you notice a faulty switch, it’s vital that you get help from an electrician in San Antonio, TX, and get it replaced immediately, or else you may run the risk of a short circuit. To help you know when to replace your light switch, here are four signs that indicate switch failure...Read More

What You Must Consider While Purchasing An Electric Motor?

Due to their myriad of applications across different industries, electrical motors are becoming very popular in recent years. Aside from the factories, these motors are often used for various domestic duties in our houses. Whether pumping up the water to a reservoir or adding a rotary feature to any device or even filling or emptying the swimming pool, you can use an electric motor. You'll find a range of brands on the market that sell motors. However, for different applications, there is a slight difference in the technical aspects of these motors. So, in order to buy an electric motor for a particular application, you must be aware of some basic information and consider a few things mentioned below...Read More

How to Ensure Safety When Grounding Electrical Wires

Once power has traveled through a wire to light a bulb, it still has to go somewhere. The White wire carries electricity to the panel where they are connected to the neutral bus bar. Then, it connects the bus bar to the place electricity loves best—the ground. The actual connection may be a rod that is driven into the ground, the water system, or a plate set in the foundation, it doesn't matter. The ground has an infinite capacity to absorb electricity. The path to ground is an important part of the circuit. Was it not there, the electricity would need another path. Contact SunbeltElectric for underground wire repair....Read More

Where To Install GFCI Outlets in Your Home

Electrical safety has always been a serious concern for both residential and commercial property owners. But thanks to ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets that have reduced the risk of getting electrocuted or shocked. They are a specialized type of outlet designed to prevent electrical injury to humans, particularly when water enters an electrical outlet or into a plugged device. They work by detecting imbalances in the electrical current and shut off power to the outlet if they find any ground fault, which means a difference in the electrical flow. ...Read More