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How to Avoid Electrocution in Swimming Pools

With good fences and watchful eyes, we can prevent drowning in pools to a great extent. But how do you protect against a different life-threatening pool injury — electrocution? There is no lifeguard for that! In Florida itself, there have been numerous reported cases in the recent years of people getting injured and even killed in their own pools due to electrocution.

The best thing to do to avoid electrocution problems is to have your pool checked by a pool electrician in San Antonio. In case there are problems, they can be immediately addressed, and shocks can be avoided. Here are some tips on the same:

Make sure the Pool Light Wiring is Correct

Anytime water and electricity come in contact, there is a risk for danger. The same goes for pool lights. The wiring behind these lights is often only separated by a pane of glass, a thin metal frame, and a rubber seal. Over time, these can start to corrode and increase the risk of electrocution. Make sure you get the wiring and power outlets checked by a pool and spa electrician in San Antonio at regular intervals.

Maintain Distance between Pools/Spas and Electrical Equipment

Though they are not as risky as a pool light, it is important to ensure that electrical equipment, such as pumps vacuums and power washers are at a safe distance from pools and hot tubs. Have them checked by a certified spa electrician in San Antonio to make sure everything is grounded properly. Electrical devices like TVs and radios should also be kept away from the pools.

Regularly Maintain & Upgrade Your Pools

Older pools are a greater risk when it comes to electrocution. It is important that you maintain your pools well and check for corrosion. Pool owners are encouraged to upgrade their older lights and ensure that the voltage meets the most recent requirements.

Post Electrocution Tips

A little preparedness can go a long way and ensure a safe summer for everyone. If you see someone suffering from an electrical shock in the water, it is vital to get them out as quickly as possible. But be extremely careful! When water becomes charged, anyone touching the water is at risk. Use only plastic or fiberglass poles to pull the victim out of the water. Anything made of metal will transfer current. Shut off the electricity if you can as soon as possible and call 911 immediately.

Become Familiar with CPR and Invest Time in Family Drills

Though everyone should know the basics of CPR, if you have a pool or spa, it becomes even more important to be able to perform this life-saving technique. Check for vital signs and start CPR if necessary. As with any emergency, it is also a great idea to do a practice drill with your family. Make sure everyone knows the proper steps to take when something goes wrong in the water.

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