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How to Ensure Safety When Grounding Electrical Wires

Once power has traveled through a wire to light a bulb, it still has to go somewhere. The White wire carries electricity to the panel where they are connected to the neutral bus bar. Then, it connects the bus bar to the place electricity loves best—the ground. The actual connection may be a rod that is driven into the ground, the water system, or a plate set in the foundation, it doesn't matter. The ground has an infinite capacity to absorb electricity. The path to ground is an important part of the circuit. Was it not there, the electricity would need another path. Contact SunbeltElectric for underground wire repair.

In the days before, outlets had a ground prong. The homeowners stood a good chance of becoming the path to ground. A loose wire could charge stoves, refrigerators, dryers, portable tools, radios, and almost anything with electrons looking for a place to go. If you touched a charged surface, you almost automatically became the path of least resistance. Power would flow through you the same way it flows through the meter. To say the least, you were in for a good shock—if not a fatal one.

Between you and the panel, every outlet, switch, and light should be continuously connected to the grounded neutral bus bar. The green wire and the third prong in the outlet connect the metal parts and things like air conditioners to those grounded wires. If a wire becomes loose and touches the metal, the electricity immediately runs to ground through the green wire and does it with such a force that it trips the breaker. Even if you happen to be touching the appliance when a wire electrifies it, you are no longer the path of least resistance and would barely feel a shock.

Though some appliances are double insulated for better protection, don't make any assumptions. It can lead to shocks. Call a professional if you need help!

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