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If You Notice These Electric Problems In Your House, Then It’s Probably Time To Rewire It

In today’s times, virtually every home is filled with all types of appliances. These appliances make our lives easier such as microwave, washing machine, refrigerator, etc. But these appliances do not run on their own. They need electricity and if there is something wrong with your house’s electricity, forget running these appliances even the lightning in your house would experience issues. In order to keep your house fully functional, make sure its wiring is proper. If there is something wrong with the wiring, then you will surely notice some troubling signs. What are those signs? Let’s find out.

  • The outlets will look discolored, which mostly happen due to loose connections or old wiring. When wiring connections become loose, electricity manages to escape in the form of sparks. It is these sparks that lead to small fires, which are known for causing warping and singeing of switches and outlets. With time, these old wiring will lead to more sparks and fires, which needless to say increases shock hazards in your house
  • Is there a constant burning smell in your house? The smell remains persistent but you are not able to locate the source. It might be that an outlet’s plastic is burning due to the fire caused by old or loose wiring near the outlet. In some cases, loose connections or old wiring cause problems behind the wall, where you will not able to see it. So, we will advise you to get in touch with electrical contractors in San Antonio, TX as soon as you smell burnt plastic scent in your house. Sparking wires can cause more damage than just burning the plastic casing
  • Are the lights in your house flickering way too much lately? Before thinking that a rewiring job needs to be done in your house, make sure you check that all the bulbs are properly twisted in. Loose bulbs are known for flickering occasionally. If the lights continue to flicker, then it is time for you to replace your house’s old wiring. When the wiring becomes old or loose, electricity fails to move through it properly and reach its destination, which causes the lights to flicker
  • The job of circuit breaker is to disrupt electricity whenever a particular circuit goes beyond the allowed number of amps. If there’s any issue with the circuit breaker or the wiring of your house, it will trip a lot. When it works normally, it prevents dangerous surges that lead to electrical fires. Just like old wiring, old circuit breakers stop functioning properly. They will trip more frequently and may fully stop functioning after a point. It is best you get your wires replaced or replace the circuit breaker before this occurs

If you notice these signs and want a complete rewiring job to be performed in your house, then get in touch with Sunbelt Electric. We are known for doing quality rewiring in both residential and commercial spaces in San Antonio, Bexar County, and surrounding areas.