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Workplace Lighting Has A Significant Impact On Productivity of Employees

You will be surprised to know that an average American spends around 2,000 hours in a year in his or her workplace. If an average American is spending so many hours in one place, it becomes necessary for every work environment to be made in such a way that it promotes productivity. One area of workplace that should never be taken lightly is lighting. You might see office lighting as something that will not have a major impact on the performance of your employees but the truth is, it does have an impact. How? Let’s find out.

The first thing we need to understand here is that we humans are diurnal creatures, which means our body is made to be active during the day and sleep at night. Since majority of the world works during the day, it is important for workplaces to be properly illuminated so that our natural body clock does not get affected. Offices can get in touch with a reputed electrical contractor and go for LED light installation to keep their workplace well-lighted. If you’re still not convinced about the importance of proper lighting in workplaces, then looking at the below-mentioned points will convince you surely.

  • An employee will perform well if he or she feels good in their working environment. Imagine stepping into an office that is dimly lit, where everything is not clearly visible. Do you think an employee would be geared up to perform his or her duties in such a dull environment? On the contrary, your employees will feel sleepy and less motivated to work. Studies have found that there is a direct link between workplace vibe and productivity.
  • Another consequence of a dimly lit workplace is fatigue. Your employees may continue to perform their duty in such a dull working environment but overtime, their eyes will begin to feel the strain they have been under. This will ultimately lead toward a workforce that is fatigued and not capable of performing at their best.
  • Once your employees become fatigued over time, they will develop musculoskeletal problems as well as postural problems. You should not be surprised to see your employees slouching on their desks as this is an obvious outcome of working in a poorly lit office day in day out.
  • There are workplaces where employees have to work with heavy machinery and tools. Proper illumination is especially important in such spaces as chances of accidents taking place are quite high. As a matter of fact, workers often get injured in those workplaces where proper lighting is not available. This can put business owner in a huge legal trouble as well.

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